"I Can Go Through This Door, Alone"

Do you know why God does not forgive those who are in hell begging for a second chance? Because just like they've selfishly idolatrously desired the worldly pleasures and forsaken all Wisdom, they want to get out of there because they don't want the pains. By seeing no repentance and what they're going to do over and over again for not desiring Wisdom, and since He doesn't want anyone hurting Him and others eternally, they are not allowed in heaven.

The taste of hell is found in a place on earth with someone without a heart. Afraid of being alone, one is willing to stay a fool to stay with a fool, hurting and being hurt. And without a reason to get Grace, you get what you deserve: hell. You are no innocent victim, when you yourself do not believe in needing to have more than the "love" you know to give.

Being All one is being truly together.

She has chosen the better part too.