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The Master Plan

It was not so hard to imagine things getting much worse in egoland; "artists" selling their sin just to cash in like never before, taking any crap for an easy to find "fame", on a mission of glamorization of injustice. So I've always known standing still and going nowhere was actually a problem, because nowhere is a place, the place God does not know. And the "right" direction was not enough and damn dangerous.

My only answer in face of all that could only have been...

Do svidaniya!

Communion Of One

I question, they answer not; I have All to get, they have no thing to give.

What have "religious" people and I got in common?

The Immature

Hey, ghosts, how is your communication with the Holy?

Don't tell your friends that you know me, only because we met out there, because you don't.

In Kingdom

When your mind goes wandering, to the faithless world you're searching for something you can never find, that does not exist, because to them the only reality is what they see out there. That's why you can hardly find one willing to walk with you.

Yes, She exists.

He coded All unto our glory.

True Esteem

Our glory is different from theirs.

Did You Know?

Martin Luther wanted to take James out of the Bible. It seems that something there disturbed him a little. Then, many years later, he wrote that crazy first Nazi work ever, On the Jews and Their Lies. So, I wouldn't trust the "justified". Thinking that you're "special", predestined, don't have to change... all that feels good to your ego. But you could be believing that you're a star in a "heaven" as foolish and worldly as that of the wicked.

In the end you could find out you never really left the highway to hell.

Made Of Silver

We're all lost until, searching, we are found, except the self-righteous.

Don't be envious at their easy way; let them wait for their god in the "religious" usual place.

Useless Advice, Vain Fight

Give up! It's already lost, already won and found.

You know that the word 'love' I use is bigger.

Unworthy Of His Mysteries

A "catholic" doesn't know the answer to why John leaves out the Last Supper, whereas a "protestant" doesn't really know the answer in his gospel's first verses. The Word was made flesh, therefore the bread was made of Word, which means that the primary belief is that one must work for Her. However, since both are too busy with their worldly affairs, they'd rather believe that eating a "magical" piece of food or reading a "magical" piece of book is connecting them to God.

What communion could there be out of the bond of Word?

The magic is in fighting for Her.


According to my browsing history, the first time I listened to this song was December 26, 2021. Now I know two songs from this album and I'm wondering if there's more in it, but what if I check it all out and ruin the weirdness?

Just kidding.

Or maybe not.

Wisdom Goes On

She lived on the 4th Street.

Turning The Table

I could teach you how to predict the future, for the world is no thing Out of the predictable.

Red Rocks

You've left us behind, we've left you behind. We are never ever getting together in the future, when both have what we want, because all and All can't be friends. When you don't care about All, you don't care about us, that's very clear, isn't it? You've thrown us away in the past, and there's no such thing as "forgiveness" without repentance. If our future were about "riches", but it's about Wisdom; so the more It grows, the more we are reminded to keep alert. We know that an interest that has not been shared previously, cannot all of a sudden become what people want.

You could say whatever you want, I'd still be looking for them in your words.

Believe me when I say it's not that easy to connect to a real friend.

Sweet Jesus

You can hear, You can speak; there is need of only one answer.

Three letters could be the smartest thing; now I look for them in all I read and hear.

Wasting Youth

If you believe that churches are places where you're going to find all people that are more than the world, channels of Wisdom to your life, you are sorely mistaken. My phone "alone" can do a smarter job than many churchgoers. Along the years, I've seen the same behavior, of leaving messages unanswered, in both churchgoers and partygoers. What does that mean? That the human nature of the "just" is the same, unchanged; the cowardice is the same, and it means, "Don't touch my precious sin!".

"Christians" want the same "happiness" the world wants; they just don't admit it. But there's still a chance they'll remember to answer heaven's call when they get old and there's not much the world can offer them anymore. Because, "after getting first all I want", well, that's a contradictory lie, because God has His conditions too, that every biblereader knows but only the brave believes.

When all comes to be there, thank God, I won't be a part of it.

Bye, "brethren".

Reality Check

Are you waiting for me to become "special" like an idol? You don't seem to realize how much I hate their sin and, being infected by it, you believe you can choose whomever you want to connect to. No, you can't. I'm not weak, the devil is not in control here, and you need a lot of humility and pride to connect to me.


Choose yours or else the agents are going to choose that of the world for you.

It's 6:20, and if you fail the test you'll end up taken out of Place and Time.


I can't give up the Way I live for the fake things people can talk about. Many have childishly believed to be sending me a message, "I don't want to talk to you", by remaining silent, but what I read and hear is, "I can't talk to you". I have zero persistence there because I am no social, personal and professional idolater; there will ever be only One in my foreground. People are special to me when they are special. Does this hurt your ego? That means you haven't done a good job killing it.

The day you start taking God seriously we're going to talk about Religion, Cinema, Music.

(By the Way, I don't need psychiatry anymore; you can prescribe my medicine to the musicians in the background who work so hard to be in the foreground, so that they can keep pursuing "success". They have the potential to be your perpetual customers. That is, until it loses effectiveness and they kill their bodies. At least, you'd have done your job)


Happy fools can be defined by the pride of "life" they keep in them, which is fueled by the illusion of "health" and, being blind and embracing the love of darkness, they are easily deceived by the idea of being brought up by spending the little energy that remained of what humanity used to have seeking to have all "fun" in egoland.

No wonder they could poison their minds against me without effort.

Call me what you will, kings and queens of the knowledge of no thing.

Cheaters Won't Ever Know

Nobody, Johnny and Judy know.

Egoland is hell; let them go.


Start spreading the news

I'm leaving today


Do not ask amiss; to you who can come in, an All aligned 22.