I can't give up the Way I live for the fake things people can talk about. Many have childishly believed to be sending me a message, "I don't want to talk to you", by remaining silent, but what I read and hear is, "I can't talk to you". I have zero persistence there because I am no social, personal and professional idolater; there will ever be only One in my foreground. People are special to me when they are special. Does this hurt your ego? That means you haven't done a good job killing it.

The day you start taking God seriously we're going to talk about Religion, Cinema, Music.

(By the Way, I don't need psychiatry anymore; you can prescribe my medicine to the musicians in the background who work so hard to be in the foreground, so that they can keep pursuing "success". They have the potential to be your perpetual customers. That is, until it loses effectiveness and they kill their bodies. At least, you'd have done your job)