The Master Plan

It was not so hard to imagine things getting much worse in egoland; "artists" selling their sin just to cash in like never before, taking any crap for an easy to find "fame", on a mission of glamorization of injustice. So I've always known standing still and going nowhere was actually a problem, because nowhere is a place, the place God does not know. And the "right" direction was not enough and damn dangerous.

My only answer in face of all that could only have been...

Do svidaniya!

Communion Of One

I question, they answer not; I have All to get, they have no thing to give.

What have "religious" people and I got in common?

The Immature

Hey, ghosts, how is your communication with the Holy?

Don't tell your friends that you know me, only because we met out there, because you don't.

In Kingdom

When your mind goes wandering, to the faithless world you're searching for something you can never find, that does not exist, because to them the only reality is what they see out there. That's why you can hardly find one willing to walk with you.

Yes, She exists.

He coded All unto our glory.

True Esteem

Our glory is different from theirs.

Did You Know?

Martin Luther wanted to take James out of the Bible. It seems that something there disturbed him a little. Then, many years later, he wrote that crazy first Nazi work ever, On the Jews and Their Lies. So, I wouldn't trust the "justified". Thinking that you're "special", predestined, don't have to change... all that feels good to your ego. But you could be believing that you're a star in a "heaven" as foolish and worldly as that of the wicked.

In the end you could find out you never really left the highway to hell.

Made Of Silver

We're all lost until, searching, we are found, except the self-righteous.

Don't be envious at their easy way; let them wait for their god in the "religious" usual place.

Useless Advice, Vain Fight

Give up! It's already lost, already won and found.

You know that the word 'love' I use is bigger.

Unworthy Of His Mysteries

A "catholic" doesn't know the answer to why John leaves out the Last Supper, whereas a "protestant" doesn't really know the answer in his gospel's first verses. The Word was made flesh, therefore the bread was made of Word, which means that the primary belief is that one must work for Her. However, since both are too busy with their worldly affairs, they'd rather believe that eating a "magical" piece of food or reading a "magical" piece of book is connecting them to God.

What communion could there be out of the bond of Word?

The magic is in fighting for Her.


According to my browsing history, the first time I listened to this song was December 26, 2021. Now I know two songs from this album and I'm wondering if there's more in it, but what if I check it all out and ruin the weirdness?

Just kidding.

Or maybe not.

Wisdom Goes On

She lived on the 4th Street.

Turning The Table

I could teach you how to predict the future, for the world is no thing Out of the predictable.

Red Rocks

You've left us behind, we've left you behind. We are never ever getting together in the future, when both have what we want, because all and All can't be friends. When you don't care about All, you don't care about us, that's very clear, isn't it? You've thrown us away in the past, and there's no such thing as "forgiveness" without repentance. If our future were about "riches", but it's about Wisdom; so the more It grows, the more we are reminded to keep alert. We know that an interest that has not been shared previously, cannot all of a sudden become what people want.

You could say whatever you want, I'd still be looking for them in your words.

Believe me when I say it's not that easy to connect to a real friend.

Sweet Jesus

You can hear, You can speak; there is need of only one answer.

Three letters could be the smartest thing; now I look for them in all I read and hear.

Wasting Youth

If you believe that churches are places where you're going to find all people that are more than the world, channels of Wisdom to your life, you are sorely mistaken. My phone "alone" can do a smarter job than many churchgoers. Along the years, I've seen the same behavior, of leaving messages unanswered, in both churchgoers and partygoers. What does that mean? That the human nature of the "just" is the same, unchanged; the cowardice is the same, and it means, "Don't touch my precious sin!".

"Christians" want the same "happiness" the world wants; they just don't admit it. But there's still a chance they'll remember to answer heaven's call when they get old and there's not much the world can offer them anymore. Because, "after getting first all I want", well, that's a contradictory lie, because God has His conditions too, that every biblereader knows but only the brave believes.

When all comes to be there, thank God, I won't be a part of it.

Bye, "brethren".

Reality Check

Are you waiting for me to become "special" like an idol? You don't seem to realize how much I hate their sin and, being infected by it, you believe you can choose whomever you want to connect to. No, you can't. I'm not weak, the devil is not in control here, and you need a lot of humility and pride to connect to me.


Choose yours or else the agents are going to choose that of the world for you.

It's 6:20, and if you fail the test you'll end up taken out of Place and Time.


I can't give up the Way I live for the fake things people can talk about. Many have childishly believed to be sending me a message, "I don't want to talk to you", by remaining silent, but what I read and hear is, "I can't talk to you". I have zero persistence there because I am no social, personal and professional idolater; there will ever be only One in my foreground. People are special to me when they are special. Does this hurt your ego? That means you haven't done a good job killing it.

The day you start taking God seriously we're going to talk about Religion, Cinema, Music.

(By the Way, I don't need psychiatry anymore; you can prescribe my medicine to the musicians in the background who work so hard to be in the foreground, so that they can keep pursuing "success". They have the potential to be your perpetual customers. That is, until it loses effectiveness and they kill their bodies. At least, you'd have done your job)


Happy fools can be defined by the pride of "life" they keep in them, which is fueled by the illusion of "health" and, being blind and embracing the love of darkness, they are easily deceived by the idea of being brought up by spending the little energy that remained of what humanity used to have seeking to have all "fun" in egoland.

No wonder they could poison their minds against me without effort.

Call me what you will, kings and queens of the knowledge of no thing.

Cheaters Won't Ever Know

Nobody, Johnny and Judy know.

Egoland is hell; let them go.


Start spreading the news

I'm leaving today


Do not ask amiss; to you who can come in, an All aligned 22.


"Bind up the testimony, seal the law among the apples of Her eye"

Our bond is that of Perfection.


In the beginning was the foolishness and until the end that's all the world of the wicked is going to be made of. All days it can offer us are only hell unto our souls; so we leave them for those who have no real ambition. Why is anyone supposed to fit in it anyway? To prove he or she can be "social"? No, thanks, we'd rather be special. We won't be broken in pieces, for our bond is that of Justice.

Yes, All we want is in Life.

That's why we walk in the Way.

In Fake Time

In 2086, after having sought all you wanted in life, you'd still have nothing to hear, nothing to say.

That's sad, the only really sad thing.

All Too Bad

It's all too sad when you realize many are always ready to leave you behind, without thinking twice, to seek the life of their dreams. Actually, they are thinking not even once, because it's all about ego, not really loving themselves. Therefore, you shouldn't pity them, because they can't find a meaning in their hard days, and they won't abide with you in your own trouble; they'd rather be with the world in the company of its false joy.

"relax, eat, drink, be merry"


Don't you know? If one has the persistence to find Love, it's very unlikely that he or she will ever give up and have not the persistence to keep All. Once you move on to Grace and have a feeling you're in the state of Sophia, knowing the Source of every real connection, it'll be the Life you've found your only true, your only Good; the brave one can go on together, not go back alone.

...I Was Going To Say

The gift is in receiving not the crap the dishonest tries to feed you with, because, the day you surrender to it, the magic inherent to the true dream will be gone for good, or, if you have never tasted it, it'll be something that, even perhaps believing, doutbfully though, you've chosen not to have the persistence needed to finding, thus sticking to the predictability of the world's future and its fallen experiences. The gift is in giving up, so that those who doubt not can fight for the one and only thing that matters receiving and giving. I mean, rejecting, losing yourself and the world is fundamental to accepting, finding Truth and the kingdom.

If you couldn't predict my words, maybe it's because we don't dream of the same future and, although having all the pieces right in front of you, not even in a hundred years you'd be able to join them together ;)

Merry Christmas.


You know what I'm going to say...

(that is, if you have a good imagination)

Gall Of Bitterness

Of course they are going to answer, "We see you and we love you", when you are being self-taught to say every word that pleases them. You know how to make yourself and someone else "friends", "lovers", fan and idol. It's only a fake imagination, but in your poverty and lack of ambition, that illusory "bond" is enough. You're in a multitude, with every one, not missing any thing.

"Mel" é fel, disse Pascal Bruckner.

False Peace

Stay cold if you want to be seen (not).

Betraying Myself

It pleases the ego when someone wants to possess you, but just remember that the world is seeking to have no Truth; the ego is the only thing it loves, so when you identify with false self you're also treasuring its poor false love. You are believing in what you and someone else have to give, despising both the Source. You're in a faithless, adulterous situation, of leaving and being left, never to look for what is true. Because the wicked gets tired of the other, but rarely of darkness and his, her own sameness.

I left before being left.

I decided.

Wanna Be My Just Self

The Bush burns to this day.

Can you find It?

Between Angels And Bees

Apparently, you can copy right, but still it's only "fame" you're looking for; inside you remain an outlaw. For I've never seen an idolater who was truly religious. The kind of "glory" you are drawn to is something that Nobody, the Law, abominates; He has never needed a false self esteemed. So, don't mistake Him for a fool: in His land only those who are true are known.

Fake Job

The Truth disturbs those people in the worldnet of liars for a simple reason: loving darkness rather than Light. How could it get old when they're not seeking to get New anyway? They never tire of it and it's offensive to mention retiring. When the unconditional approval of their public comes first, the last thing they are worried about is what God thinks about what they're saying and doing, as a real friend would be. And even if a prophet makes it audible and visible, they still won't hear and see, because the condition for that is thirsting.

The only answer they're going to think of is to try to bully you with their shit to see if they can mislead you into their lot.

It must be too lonely there, I guess.

The Context

Back in 2014, I wrote a Google+ post about people being too busy seeking the popular "reality" to search for the hidden one, and I embedded a song, "Copy Your Idols - Art Is Dead", which played a quote from a Batman movie, "Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn". Those individuals, who I was aware were coming to my pages and videos looking for no Wisdom that could justify them, like good pharisees, lovers of "riches" and "fame", imagined they had found a new piece of that "knowledge" they were longing for, that which could condemn me.

I once called the fanatical hunter a joke, and then the pop worshipper of psychos, who left his cult to join something worse, wrote in one of those things full of rubbish which she calls a "song": "'Cause you're a joker". I'm probably the kind of "psycho" that can't be the "good" person the Monte-minded expects me to be for believing the logic of the hidden treasure. Because, thank God, I don't inspire them like people from hell do. And I also don't want to be from "heaven", believing in some "love and peace" Jesus, who does not exist, only to avoid the trouble.

What you write to each other in the bond of iniquity, "famous" fools, and what you write to the anonymous fools, it's only rubbish. But your dead "art" makes you what you're looking for... a lot of money.

Keep up the evil work.


O que a encanta é a Justiça que cola verdadeiramente.

She is going to wreck your same world.

"O Menino Encantou A Quebrada"

É o Batman, Galvão? É sim, mas na minha minha investigação descobri um detalhe: esse Batman é fã de Avenged Sevenfold.

Esse pessoal que copia e cola versículos bíblicos é uma piada, porque só o ímpio não discerne que eles estão pegando a aparência do texto e atribuindo o conteúdo mundano que têm na cabeça ao mesmo. O tolo pode enganar a si mesmo e outros tolos, e o plano parece dar tão certo que passa a acreditar que até a Sabedoria ele pode enganar.

Quem não quer se converter pode "convertê-La"; o problema será convencê-La no fim de que era Ela quem você desejava realmente.

O menino sabe que o que encanta a quebrada é a grana.


Rise up, fans; copy your idols.

You know what your money is... dirt.

She is a villain of the "new" world.

You're afraid of being brought down, aren't you?

The Greatest Thing

Fear generation, Love generation.

You know what I'm talking about?

In Motion

I can imagine, when You are my search engine.

Razão E Emoção

Não é interessante como a linguagem expressa uma realidade teológica que quase ninguém percebe? Quando se fala no português, por exemplo, em ter uma queda por alguém, estar caído por alguém, ou o "to fall in love" no inglês. Como o mundo já está caído e achando normal, logo a "paixão" não é vista como um problema (assim como idolatria não é interpretada como algo mau). Ela é uma ameaça para quem está de pé ou em busca da elevação.

É preciso ter uma carência sinistra em si, sem qualquer noção do que lhe falta, para manifestar um querer obscuro de ser uma razão para queda, como Bate-Seba. A fome e sede de Justiça passa longe de quem é capaz de se emocionar com o que uma pessoa faz por outra nesse estado. É algo bizarro, de imaginação pornográfica, ter prazer em adultério, e ainda mais satânico quando até homicídio vira prova de "amor". No fim, é o próprio diabo que é desejado nessa história.

É claro que alguém vibrando em sintonia com as trevas e sem uma ambição real de espiritualidade nunca sonhará em ser razão para elevação de ninguém. Pelo contrário, a queda e mudança de volta para o mundo será o gosto da "vitória" que busca, de que outro quis ficar com seu ego mais do que com a Verdade, como ela própria também quis e ali nunca se sentiu desconfortável de forma a se arrepender para desejar a Vida, amar o Espírito e se tornar real.

Quando a pessoa busca a "religião" para se enganar, não há muito o que fazer para abrir seus olhos. Se não é Sabedoria que procura ouvir, como falará algo diferente da tolice? Se ela fala em pecado, não é nenhuma surpresa que fale em status e dinheiro como o resto do mundo. Só tenho uma coisa: pena de quem trabalha por essas coisas para, depois de tê-las, também ter "mulher".

A Luz já me ganhou.

Eu gosto de filha d'Ela.

Romance Segundo As Trevas

Quem tem mais chance de estar progredindo na busca pela Justiça: quem só consome conteúdo abertamente religioso identificado com o mundo no qual se fechou mas tem uma má imaginação, ou quem tem uma boa imaginação e não se preocupa se há uma mensagem intencional de religação naquilo que está vendo e ouvindo? Digo isso porque certa vez uma pessoa me falou que tinha um filme em DVD sobre a história de Davi, e que ele diria ali que faria tudo de novo por ela (Bate-Seba), e me perguntou se eu sabia disso. Até hoje eu não sei. Já procurei, "filme herético sobre Davi", e os mecanismos de busca também não sabem nada a respeito.

A verdade é que ainda que o indivíduo esteja diante de algo genuinamente religioso, se sua busca é mundana, ele irá ver e ouvir ali o que sua má imaginação lhe permite. Quando a aparência é suficiente, todo esforço de "santificação" não passa de um trabalho de segregação medroso que não visa realmente a modificação do conteúdo; a preocupação que deveria ser com o interior é direcionada ao exterior. Se aquilo pode ser identificado como "católico", "protestante", "judeu" ou seja lá qual for o mundo favorito dele, isso o faz se sentir "seguro".

O que está lá fora só contamina quem não tem convicção do que deseja, assim como a ousadia necessária para desafiar o mundo e se guardar do mesmo.

Eu ouvi a versão popstar de Davi e não percebi sabedoria nenhuma nela.

Prefiro meu 1408.

Be Honest

A Separate World

Este passarinho teve a coragem de se rebelar e andar com o João de Barro só para ver a diferença que isso poderia fazer.

Now I'm offline, so alone and a nothing.

From Fake To Real

Sell what you have to buy the food that remains in the land of Ninguém.

Because if you don't change you'll be no thing. (photo by me; Bureau de Change, Búzios)

Want To Know A Secret?

Do you remember the boy holding the girl in his arms, the Jesus.jpg picture in the code?

It was a russian couple. (photo by Andrey Kiselev)

No Fool

You could never know anything about me when you don't care to know any real thing.

Keep your love for death and give me your hate.


There's some fake thing in those trees.

True Hope

Hey, "christian" rocker, just remember you can always justify yourself arguing that you don't have free will, that you've chosen the rock 'n' roll dream because you're slave to the sin, waiting for god to come back to set you free (from what you, in effect, love). And the truth is: the life you've been working so hard to get is the only next life you'll ever find. So get ready for your wish coming true; it won't end. Darkness makes you happy.

True fear.


Max Perry, the "evangelical", says he's with us.


Mente Vazia

Aí, bodão "cristão", usa mesmo esse macacão, que só o "inocente" não sabe de onde vem a inspiração.

É da oficina do Arnie.

Rainha Ninguém

Princesa Ninguém.


Há um mês eu estava lendo Romanos numa tradução que nunca havia lido, e achei interessante como ao invés do termo "carne" ela usava "desejos dos instintos egoístas". Ou seja, elucida que se trata de tudo aquilo que o ser humano busca, fala e faz sem pensar. E nessa dimensão do não-pensamento ele sempre pensará ser o ego, se colocando a serviço e lutando por ele como aquilo que tem de mais precioso. E o não-pensamento traz consigo o não-sentimento, não há como dissociá-los. Isso se verifica logo no princípio da epístola quando é mencionado que os que não buscam ter Sabedoria são entregues a um sentimento perverso.

Quando cheguei no capítulo 13, logo após o versículo 12, aquele citado por Cecília, eu li ali, "Vivamos honestamente, como em pleno dia: não em orgias e bebedeiras, prostituição e libertinagem, brigas e ciúmes". No outro dia, eu liguei na MTV e daqui a pouco começou um programa chamado Rio Shore, algo do tipo Big Brother. Em dez minutos assistindo aquilo, eu vi tudo que falava no versículo acontecendo ali. E ainda há quem pergunte o que aconteceu com esse canal, não sabendo que o destino do mundo é se tornar pior e pior.

Eu acredito que alguns têm um instinto de não-pertencimento, no qual, mesmo sem pensar, sabem que não são do mundo e, mesmo se quisessem, não conseguiriam se ajustar a ele. Portanto, os convites à "socialização" quando são aceitos só resultam em desconforto e, em meio a todas as vozes vãs, a profética só ganha cada vez mais sentido, até finalmente verem na mesma o único caminho para si, abraçando a bravura necessária à busca de uma Sabedoria ainda sutil em suas mentes, mas já relevante e digna de toda fé.

Ela disse não gostar de balada...

O plano era que aquele carregando o mesmo código ouvisse.

Ela gosta da Luz.


Faithful or faithless, there is really no one without works, because everyone needs to do something to earn a living. If you study to become a physician, even if you give the medicine for free that doesn't mean your work is good, in the same manner as food is not enough and you're not going to save anyone's soul feeding the body. Apart from Wisdom, there is no good work.

What you do, what you are, it is nothing and a waste of time when your "living" is no Jesus.

I don't have to do and be any fake thing, only to please my ego and the world.

Embrace Your Kind

You can go through that door, because we all know there's nothing you've ever wanted more than to be with them.

The Worldnet

How did you expect to finish this? Spreading worry and fear? You cannot confront a real friend choosing the worse part, and still believe that you won't fail terribly in your dead works. Don't tell me that the rebellious could be watching, as if I couldn't see your self-right connection. You're the ones exalting them, pursuing the same abominable high place to descend thereafter upon many targets to test your "might".

Let them watch and see what happens when you bump into the guy who has really hated being wrong, and have a chance to realize your "religious" rock is the same crap. It was the opportunity you had been waiting for, to have their attention just like they've had yours in the beginning of your path, fans. You had your mission and I had mine, and mine was to ruin your plan.

I can see the fear that breeds in your heart.

Anima Boa

"Bendizei, povos, ao nosso Deus e fazei ouvir a voz do seu louvor; ao que sustenta com vida a nossa alma e não consente que resvalem os nossos pés"

Teve uma mundana vencida falando no youtube certa vez que traição faz parte da natureza do homem, que era pra mulher aceitar o adultério porque o importante é que o sentimento continuaria sendo pela esposa. Esbarrei num outro vídeo por esses dias em que ela diz que o homem tem que ter dinheiro para bancar as cirurgias plásticas, os tratamentos estéticos da mulher, para dar vida boa, porque mulher é artigo de luxo, é cara e merece tudo de bom.

Concordo; no meu mundo mulher é iPhone, é smart, não é aquilo com uma carcaça e um ego, tem cérebro e coração.

Não é pouca prata que compra e mantém uma.

"People Want Maturity, They Want Adults"

Don't worry, David has shaken it off.

He's All ready.

"I Can Go Through This Door, Alone"

Do you know why God does not forgive those who are in hell begging for a second chance? Because just like they've selfishly idolatrously desired the worldly pleasures and forsaken all Wisdom, they want to get out of there because they don't want the pains. By seeing no repentance and what they're going to do over and over again for not desiring Wisdom, and since He doesn't want anyone hurting Him and others eternally, they are not allowed in heaven.

The taste of hell is found in a place on earth with someone without a heart. Afraid of being alone, one is willing to stay a fool to stay with a fool, hurting and being hurt. And without a reason to get Grace, you get what you deserve: hell. You are no innocent victim, when you yourself do not believe in needing to have more than the "love" you know to give.

Being All one is being truly together.

She has chosen the better part too.

Twister Angel

Those strange people have become open enemies because from the start I've shouted at them, "Fuck rock 'n' roll!". It's a blessing, but in their upside down world it's a "curse". The self-righteous, obviously, are not pleased with the idea that they are connected to hell, that they need to change. They cannot hide the things and people that inspire them, and they have no reason to give up "loving" them. They are ready to be with their rock until the end, in an eternal bad romance.

Haha! Join us.

Life Goes On

Once you get on board

Say good-bye cause you can't go back

Writing On The Rock

I don't know how have those other blue eyes come to be connected to this world and path of mine, but I believe she might have thought I was coming on to her.

So this is how things actually weirdly happened...

When I tweeted, "Shake it off", on August 18, I didn't know she was releasing, that exact same day, a song with the same title. As soon as I knew about it, I struggled to recall if I had revealed what I'd been reading from the start, before mid-July, when I tweeted, "Congratulations to the person who has toiled and has found life", and I couldn't remember. Then I found myself investigating, "Maybe I told, maybe I left more clues than I think I did, maybe she is really fast at writing songs and shooting videos, or maybe it's a coincidence".

Two years later, while searching for a tool to download a myspace video, one of the results was about her old myspace page. I've no idea why did the algorithm ranked it to be one of the main results, and I clicked it. Beyond all the hilarious things, I found it mysterious what I saw there and the "coincidence" theory started to make more sense than the others. Therefore, I tweeted, "please be real haha fuck sewing machines". One thing I didn't know and another I didn't remember at that time: I wasn't remembering 1408's script at all and I didn't know she had an album called Fearless. I just picked the funny phrase which the author himself selected for the "conclusion".

Only a few weeks ago I discovered she has a song named State of Grace. It's true, I'm too busy looking for trouble, so I spend my time searching for messages from enemies in their songs. People have always told me to let go, but they just don't understand that I see it as an opportunity, a means of getting more Wisdom. As I once said, not caring what non-crazy people who believe in "love" and all worldly things would think, my future is made of Wisdom.

You know, they would never wish the worst of luck to her, not until she steps on their toes; that's when the room awakens and shows its true face.

So I just wait to see how faithful she really is before I can call her a friend.

"You're Not Marrying That Guy"

You don't love the world.


I see women worrying themselves with being Kelly on the outside and having no need of leaving Disgrace behind these days.

They have nothing to ask for.

They'll never be an answer to a prayer.

Look Back

"Are you jealous for my sake? If only all the LORD’S people were prophets"

See if you can believe.