Writing On The Rock

I don't know how have those other blue eyes come to be connected to this world and path of mine, but I believe she might have thought I was coming on to her.

So this is how things actually weirdly happened...

When I tweeted, "Shake it off", on August 18, I didn't know she was releasing, that exact same day, a song with the same title. As soon as I knew about it, I struggled to recall if I had revealed what I'd been reading from the start, before mid-July, when I tweeted, "Congratulations to the person who has toiled and has found life", and I couldn't remember. Then I found myself investigating, "Maybe I told, maybe I left more clues than I think I did, maybe she is really fast at writing songs and shooting videos, or maybe it's a coincidence".

Two years later, while searching for a tool to download a myspace video, one of the results was about her old myspace page. I've no idea why did the algorithm ranked it to be one of the main results, and I clicked it. Beyond all the hilarious things, I found it mysterious what I saw there and the "coincidence" theory started to make more sense than the others. Therefore, I tweeted, "please be real haha fuck sewing machines". One thing I didn't know and another I didn't remember at that time: I wasn't remembering 1408's script at all and I didn't know she had an album called Fearless. I just picked the funny phrase which the author himself selected for the "conclusion".

Only a few weeks ago I discovered she has a song named State of Grace. It's true, I'm too busy looking for trouble, so I spend my time searching for messages from enemies in their songs. People have always told me to let go, but they just don't understand that I see it as an opportunity, a means of getting more Wisdom. As I once said, not caring what non-crazy people who believe in "love" and all worldly things would think, my future is made of Wisdom.

You know, they would never wish the worst of luck to her, not until she steps on their toes; that's when the room awakens and shows its true face.

So I just wait to see how faithful she really is before I can call her a friend.