Wasting Youth

If you believe that churches are places where you're going to find all people that are more than the world, channels of Wisdom to your life, you are sorely mistaken. My phone "alone" can do a smarter job than many churchgoers. Along the years, I've seen the same behavior, of leaving messages unanswered, in both churchgoers and partygoers. What does that mean? That the human nature of the "just" is the same, unchanged; the cowardice is the same, and it means, "Don't touch my precious sin!".

"Christians" want the same "happiness" the world wants; they just don't admit it. But there's still a chance they'll remember to answer heaven's call when they get old and there's not much the world can offer them anymore. Because, "after getting first all I want", well, that's a contradictory lie, because God has His conditions too, that every biblereader knows but only the brave believes.

When all comes to be there, thank God, I won't be a part of it.

Bye, "brethren".