...I Was Going To Say

The gift is in receiving not the crap the dishonest tries to feed you with, because, the day you surrender to it, the magic inherent to the true dream will be gone for good, or, if you have never tasted it, it'll be something that, even perhaps believing, doutbfully though, you've chosen not to have the persistence needed to finding, thus sticking to the predictability of the world's future and its fallen experiences. The gift is in giving up, so that those who doubt not can fight for the one and only thing that matters receiving and giving. I mean, rejecting, losing yourself and the world is fundamental to accepting, finding Truth and the kingdom.

If you couldn't predict my words, maybe it's because we don't dream of the same future and, although having all the pieces right in front of you, not even in a hundred years you'd be able to join them together ;)

Merry Christmas.